About us

Our company, (Smart Way) is a company licensed by the European Union with license No. / 206162349 / It is managed by specialists with experience and high qualification in many fields.

- We provide study opportunities in the best universities in Ukraine.

- We provide qualification for high studies.

- We help you to secure scholarships for free study for Middle Eastern students.

- We guarantee registration, admission, visa and travel procedures.


Our Goal:

Easy procedures for every student who wants to study abroad, we help him and take care of him until his graduation from the university. We also aim to deliver our advanced services to a high degree of distinction and quality to all students looking for a better future. And that is through our specialized and qualified cadres for these services.
Our offices and employees offer you all consultations and solutions for all your desires.
We are always working to keep pace with the changes. We update and develop the methods of the services that we provide to our dear students every period of time.

Our Vision:

We aspire to be one of the best companies in the Middle East, through consultations and finding distinctive solutions, as well as finding unparalleled study opportunities.
All of this is within a scientific method applicable to the economic and political variables surrounding the region.

Our Mission:

We strive to serve our students and find the right opportunity for each student to choose the best university.
We always strive to develop our services and improve administrative performance in order to support our students in obtaining university degrees that distinguish them from others and enable them to reach appropriate educational degrees.
Our students are our children and they are the pillar of the bright future that we aspire to, as well as all the families of the honourable students.

What makes us special:

Understanding the needs and desires of our students and our ability to meet them to the required level.
 Through dealing with a long list of universities of various specialties, we have come to the truth that we must fulfil the desire and choice of the student, no matter what effort and research cost us.
 We are distinguished by the speed of completion of all the necessary steps (admission insurance - visa - travel - registration).

Our Motto:

"Be devoted to your work in order to obtain the highest levels."

Public Administration

Dr. Mohamad Najjar
Mr. Dani Jebali
Eng. Hamdi Najjar


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in Ukraine