About the project

Our company, (Smart Way) is a company licensed by the European Union with license No. / 206162349 / It is managed by specialists with experience and high qualification in many fields.

We provide study opportunities in the best universities in Ukraine.
We provide qualification for high studies.
We help you to secure scholarships for free study for Middle Eastern students.
We guarantee registration, admission, visa and travel procedures.



What does the student need to register?

Certified high school diploma + A copy of the international passport that is valid for a minimum of one year.

If I have an old high school diploma for more than a year, can I register?

Yes, you can.

The required time to obtain admission to the university?

From one to two weeks.

If I am older than 22 years, can I study while I hold an old high school diploma?

Yes, you can.

How do I choose a speciality?

On our page there is an explanation of everything to all specialities.

Can I change my speciality after I arrive to Ukraine?

You can change if you want to study in the same university, But If you want to change the university completely, you will lose the first semester fee.

How can I find out the costs of living in Ukraine?

If you search in our page carefully, you will find everything you ask for, daily and monthly expenses.

When can I register?

Registration is always ongoing, especially for those who want to learn the language first.

Can I contact with your main office if your office does not answer me in the city I am in?

Of course, at any time, all our offices, including the main office, are always at your service for any inquiries.

After I receive the university admission, how long do I have to wait for the visa?

From 15 to 25 days.

Is obtaining the Visa for studying is guaranteed from your side?

We guarantee for you to get the visa in the faster way possible.

How can I get a health insurance and the necessary documents for the embassy in order to apply for the visa?

Our offices are ready to provide you and assist you with all the necessary services for the students arrival in Ukraine and even to pickup him from the airport.

Can I stay in Ukraine after completing my studies?

There are conditions for staying in Ukraine, we will help you and our office in Ukraine will provide you with all the services that you will need in order to continue your life there if you wish.

Excuse me, a question that is not related to the study, can I marry in Ukraine?

There is nothing in the law that prevents you from marrying a Ukrainian woman.

Can I work in Europe after graduation?

Of course, if you applied for a work in European companies and you were accepted, you can travel, and Ukrainian certificates are recognized in all of Europe.

Can I stop studying for a period of time up to a year, due to special circumstances?

This can be done after applying with a request to the university and obtaining approval for it.

I finished engineering in my country and I want to continue with the higher studies in Ukraine, can I do that?

Of course you can, we have for all the specialities.

I am married, can I take my wife with me?

After you arrive and take a student residence, an application is submitted with the documents proving your marriage, and then approval is given to bring your wife.